How can I enroll?

Call the number below to enroll!

IL: 800-274-5289
MD: 877-473-3646
PA: 800-286-5856

How will billing work?

You will continue to be billed by your gas utility. A standard utility bill has line items for both distribution and supply. When you choose Green Mountain for gas supply, that supply charge line item will be from us as opposed to your utility. The utility will continue to charge the standard amount for distribution.

How long will it be until my gas is switched to Green Mountain?

Your switch to Green Mountain Carbon Conscious℠ gas will be effective within 1-2 months depending on your billing cycle.

What is the benefit of Carbon Conscious℠ gas?

By choosing Carbon Conscious℠ gas, you are taking action to compensate for the carbon emissions caused by your natural gas consumption with an investment in projects that reduce or remove greenhouse gas emissions.

How are gas units measured?

Gas units are measured in one of three ways:

  1. CCf: Equals the volume of 100 cubic feet (cf) of natural gas.
  2. MCf: Equals the volume of 1,000 cubic feet (cf) of natural gas.
  3. Therm: Roughly equivalent to a Ccf.

Why Carbon Conscious℠ gas?

In staying true to GME’s commitments to helping our customers live a more sustainable lifestyle, Carbon Conscious℠ gas reduces the amount of carbon emissions caused by your natural gas consumption via purchases of carbon offsets. There are very few suppliers who do this for their customers.

What will my savings be?

We can't guarantee savings, but Green Mountain works to provide our customers with good value. However, like other suppliers, we cannot guarantee that our prices will be the lowest or will match that of your local utility or our competitors.

Are your carbon offsets certified or checked by anyone?

GME is committed to only using offsets approved by Climate Action Reserve (CAR) or Verified Carbon Standard (VCS). These organizations are recognized leaders in carbon offset program verification.

What about the environmental impact of extracting the gas from the ground/fracking? Does this product address that?

No. Carbon Conscious℠ gas can only account for and offset the carbon emissions caused by the gas consumed at your residence. But by choosing this product, you are still lowering your own carbon footprint and making a positive contribution.

What are carbon offsets?

A carbon offset credit is generated for each ton of carbon dioxide equivalent that is reduced or removed as part of a verified greenhouse gas reduction project. The credits are used to compensate for emissions occurring elsewhere. While credits can be generated in a variety of ways, we invest primarily in projects that capture or destroy greenhouse gases that otherwise would have been emitted, such as methane gas capture projects at landfills, or destruction of ozone-depleting substances.

Am I getting green energy at my house with Carbon Conscious℠ gas?

No. With this plan, the natural gas delivered to your home is still exactly the same, but now you are compensating for the amount of carbon dioxide emissions associated with your natural gas consumption via our purchase of carbon offset credits. While this is a cleaner option than standard service, the Carbon Conscious℠ plan is not technically a renewable or green product.

Why is Green Mountain selling fossil fuels? They are not green.

Natural gas is still among the most efficient fuel sources for heating and is used extensively in many parts of the country. Green Mountain offers consumers a cleaner natural gas option. By choosing Green Mountain Energy, you're offsetting your carbon footprint and reducing your environmental impact. Because we purchase carbon offsets for the gas consumed by our customers, we are offsetting the carbon released into the air by burning natural gas.

What is Carbon Conscious℠ gas exactly and how does it work?

Green Mountain is offering natural gas to customers through the Carbon Conscious℠ plan. With this plan, the natural gas delivered to your home is still exactly the same, but we purchase carbon offsets to help our customers reduce the environmental impact of consuming the gas. We purchase 1 metric ton of carbon offsets for every 188.6 therms of natural gas that we sell.

Understanding that consumers need natural gas, Green Mountain offers a cleaner option for them to choose. The more customers we can enroll, the more carbon offsets we can purchase. The more offsets we purchase, the more greenhouse gases we’re keeping out of the atmosphere, and that's a good thing.