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All About Billing

How is my billing handled?

How do I read my bill?

Why was I charged a late fee?

Why did my bill go up (or down) last month?

Why have I not received my first bill?

I am an existing customer, why have I not received my bill?

Do you offer Payment Assistance or Budget Billing?

Customer Benefits

Does Green Mountain Energy Company offer credit (“net metering”) for energy that my home system may deliver back to the electricity grid?

Do you offer average billing?

Electricity Choice in Texas

How is Green Mountain Energy® electricity made?

How is typical electricity in Texas generated?

How can I obtain a copy of your Electricity Facts Label?

Where can I get information about your Terms of Service?

How does the Texas electricity market work?

For Current Customers

Who do I call when my service goes out?

How can I report a power outage?

Can I transfer my service online?

How do I disconnect my service?

How can I reset my My Account selection?

Switching to Green Mountain Energy

Which kinds of products are available to me?

How many payments can I make on my account each month?

How much does it cost?

How do I switch my electricity service to Green Mountain?