Go Local Solar Plan — 100% Texas Solar Energy

Go Local Solar plan — Tap into 100% Texas solar energy. No installation required.

We’re bringing you a plan that lets you protect the planet in big ways — all while staying local. The Go Local Solar plan lets you tap into 100% local solar electricity from solar parks right here in Texas and is Green-e® Energy certified. Whether you own your home or rent, you can use the sun for good with no roof required and zero up-front costs.

As a bonus, we’ll set aside money each month on your behalf for the Green Mountain solar fund, created to help pay for a variety of projects, programs and solar-related technologies. Because growing solar power in Texas means a brighter planet.

How the Go Local Solar plan works.

When you sign up for the Go Local Solar plan, we purchase renewable energy certificates from solar parks in Texas. At times when the sun isn’t shining, like during cloudy days and at night, we continue to power your home using electricity from the grid. We then purchase additional renewable energy certificates from solar parks in Texas to match your energy usage on this plan.

If the solar parks produce less energy than expected, we’ll purchase additional Texas solar renewable energy certificates to match your usage. This guarantees that there will be enough solar energy produced locally to match the electricity usage of your home.

A solar park is a location that hosts a network of solar panels to convert sunlight into electricity that is fed into the grid. Green Mountain purchases renewable energy certificates from solar parks operated by third-parties to meet the energy needs of our customers enrolled in this plan.

See where the solar parks are located:

Green Mountain Energy Dakota Solar Park (near Dallas)

Green Mountain Energy Gable Solar Park (near Houston)

Green Mountain Energy Azure Solar Park (near McAllen)

These solar parks are registered with ERCOT and the PUCT as Bovine Solar, LLC, Yellow Jacket Solar, LLC and Azure Solar, LLC. For our use, Bovine Solar, LLC is branded as Green Mountain Energy Gable Solar Park, Yellow Jacket Solar, LLC is branded as Green Mountain Energy Dakota Solar Park, and Alexis Solar LLC is branded as Green Mountain Energy Azure Solar Park.

Green-e Energy Certified

The Green Mountain Energy Go Local Solar plan is Green-e Energy certified and meets the environmental and consumer-protection standards set forth by the nonprofit Center for Resource Solutions. Learn more at green-e.org.


Green-e Energy certification means the Go Local Solar plan:

  • Supports renewable energy projects in the same region as you.1
  • Uses renewable content verified2 by a third-party.
  • Is annually reviewed to ensure marketing materials from Green Mountain meet Green-e Energy standards.3

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1 For our Green-e Energy certified competitive electricity customers, we provide RECs that come from the same electric grid in which our customers are located. That means if you’re a Texas customer, the RECs come from the part of Texas served by the Texas electric grid (ERCOT).

2 We use a Green-e Energy approved auditor to annually verify that our Green-e Energy certified products meet Green-e requirements. Green-e then uses the auditor’s finding as the basis for certifying our eligible products.

3 We undergo an annual Marketing Compliance Review administered by Green-e Energy to ensure that the marketing materials and customer communications for our Green-e Energy certified products meet the requirements set forth in the Green-e Energy Code of Conduct. The Green-e Energy Code of Conduct can be found at: https://www.green-e.org/docs/energy/Green-e%20Energy%20Code%20of%20Conduct.pdf