Ready, Set, Green — Energy Conservation and Preparedness Program

Be prepared for extreme temperatures, high electricity usage or outages.

There are lots of things you can do to green your home — and the planet. With the Ready, Set, Green Program we make it easy for you to get started with services that help you conserve energy and access safe and sustainable backup power when you need it.

By enrolling or participating in the Ready, Set, Green Program, you’ll help conserve energy, potentially cutting down on CO2 emissions. And it’s easy — you either manually adjust your thermostat, sign up your smart thermostat to automatically adjust or utilize safe and sustainable backup power as needed.

So are you ready? Are you set? Let’s green!

Start conserving energy today. Here’s how:

Ready, Set, Conserve.

Be a part of a voluntary all-call to manually adjust your thermostat when alerted or to delay running high-usage appliances for a specific time window.

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Ready, Set, Relax.

Allow your smart thermostat to automatically adjust during high-usage periods or extreme temperatures.

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Ready, Set, Prepare.

Equip your home with any of our safe and sustainable backup power solutions from Goal Zero including Prep Flex, Prep Essentials and Prep Complete.

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Benefits of Ready, Set, Green:

Ready, Set, Conserve. Conserves energy and reduces CO2 emissions.

Ready, Set, Relax. Conserves energy when the community and the grid need it the most. Plus, you’ll get a one time $20 bill credit and a donation made to Sun Club® on your behalf to promote sustainability in local communities.

Ready, Set, Prepare. Stay up and running with Prep Flex, Prep Essential or Prep Complete, our safe and sustainable backup power solutions to prepare your home for storms, outages and extreme temperatures.

Be a part of the solution.

By simply reducing your electricity consumption, you can make a difference. You’ll help prevent the need to use additional coal plants when demand is high. By reducing the need to use these plants, less carbon emissions are released into the atmosphere, which helps protect the planet. With the simplicity and convenience of the Ready, Set, Green Program, you have the tools you need to play an active role in the conservation process.