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About Green Mountain Energy in Illinois

How long has Green Mountain been doing business in Illinois?

Why should I choose Green Mountain Energy vs. my utility or other Alternative Retail Electric Suppliers?

What is Green Mountain doing to help the environment?

All About Billing

What are the current variable prices?

What is the electricity price to compare?

What are the past variable prices?

How does billing work?

Will I get a separate electric bill from Green Mountain? Who do I pay?

Why did my bill go up (or down) last month?

How can I find out my current and future price?

Choosing Green Mountain Energy

Why choose renewable energy?

Will the power go out while I’m waiting for my Green Mountain Energy service to begin? Do I have to install any equipment?

How soon will my service begin?

How do I become a Green Mountain customer?

What is the benefit of choosing Pollution Free electricity?

Which kinds of plans are available to me?

Electric Choice in Illinois

Does “electric choice” mean I get to pick any utility I want?

Is Green Mountain Energy competing against my electric utility?

The Ins & Outs of Aggregation

What is aggregation, and how do I know if I am affected?

What happens if I am a Green Mountain customer and my town decides to aggregate?

I am enrolled in my town’s municipal aggregation program. Can I choose Green Mountain?

Illinois Environmental Disclosure Label

Environmental Disclosure Label