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Since 1997, we have been changing the way power is made with 100% clean energy. Be a part of our growing community of customers who are investing in our planet’s future through renewable resources.
Take our eco-quiz to find out how much CO2 you could prevent by choosing Green Mountain Energy.

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Let’s calculate how much CO2 you could be preventing with our clean energy.

I live in a(n)...

Small home (<2,000 sq. ft.)
Large home (>2,000 sq. ft.)

In my house, there are...

1 to 2 people
3 to 4 people
5+ people

I do laundry...

Regularly. My basket is empty.
Rarely. It piles up.
Laundry? Never heard of it.

My place in the summer is...

Freezing cold
A little cool
Not cooled

My place in the winter is...

Very warm and cozy
A little warm
Not heated

Which state do you live in?

New York

Good news!

Based on your estimated electricity usage, you could prevent about:
pounds of CO2 every year
That's like:
water bottles
fewer miles

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* Actual energy use and environmental impact will vary. Energy consumption estimates are based on data reported in Table CE3.1 Household Site End-Use Consumption in the U.S., Totals and Averages, 2015, Residential Energy Consumption Survey, prepared by the Energy Information Administration. CO2 emission rates are based on U.S. annual non-baseload output emission rates from eGRID2014v2 GHG Annual Output Emission Rates, prepared by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. CO2 equivalency calculations are based on the Greenhouse Gases Equivalencies Calculator at