Customer impact

Over the last 20+ years, we’ve been dedicated in our mission: to inspire hope and motivate action through the use of clean energy. And as a carbon-neutral company, we place sustainability at the heart of everything we do. Thanks to our customers, we help create positive change for the planet by reducing carbon impact every day. Since 2002, we’ve tracked the carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions avoided by folks buying our products or signing up for our plans.

That's like planting
new trees.   

Traditional electricity generation creates greenhouse gases and contributes to air pollution, but clean energy sources — like wind and solar power — do not create CO2 emissions. And carbon offsets neutralize the effects of carbon-intensive activities, like travel or daily commutes. To calculate our impact numbers, we only count the avoided CO2 emissions attributable to “new” renewable energy facilities.*

Company accountability

We open our books each year to a third-party auditor. These audits ensure that 100% of the clean electricity our customers purchase is backed by renewable energy projects. You can learn more about our product standards or review our past results in our sustainability reports.

To ensure we’re providing comprehensive, sustainable solutions, we also offer select Green-e® Energy certified products. These include our Go Local Solar plan for Texas residential customers and our Green Mountain Energy Certified Electricity – TRE product for commercial businesses. You can learn more about Green-e® standards here.

Employee impact

We try to be as sustainable as possible. As such, we take a close look at our operations and see where we can improve to become a more eco-focused company.

We keep our
footprint low.

We’ve measured our corporate greenhouse gas emissions each year since 1998 and have been offsetting 100% of our measured corporate carbon footprint since 2002. We use 100% renewable energy in all of our offices.

We’re tree-lovers,
not tree-cutters.

For any printing or mailing we do, we use 100% post-consumer waste recycled paper printed with soy ink. We also work with FSC-certified printers to ensure that we’re using products that support forest conservation.

We’re part of one
big green team.

We’re dedicated to creating an eco-conscious workplace. We take part in Earth Day celebrations and encourage our employees to give to the Green Mountain Energy Sun Club®, a charitable program that funds renewable and sustainable initiatives for nonprofits in our local communities.

*”New” facilities are those that began operation or were repowered within the past 15 years (e.g., 2006 for 2020 sales). The energy generated by these new facilities displaces the need for an equivalent amount of energy from fossil fuel-powered facilities, thereby avoiding the CO2 emissions that would have been created in the absence of the renewable energy generation.