Renewable Energy Plans for Businesses

Make the energy choice that’s good for business — and the planet.

Business products tailored to your company

We don’t think you should have to choose between what’s good for your business and what’s good for the environment. That’s why we provide electricity plans and products that help you meet your business objectives while helping the planet. For more than 20 years, we’ve been dedicated to changing the way power is made. By offering 100% clean energy, carbon offsets and sustainability solutions, we help businesses operate with the planet in mind. Whether you want to reduce your company’s carbon footprint, market your environmental commitment to customers and stakeholders or earn points toward LEED® certification, we’ve got you covered.

Small businesses

Make a positive impact on your customers and the planet. Our renewable energy plans and products offer easy and sustainable ways to power your business.

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Medium and large businesses

You don’t have to choose between the planet and your budget. Find cost-effective, sustainable solutions tailored to your company’s specific energy needs.

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Solar for your business

Going solar is simple. We’ll help find the right installer for your Texas business, ensuring an efficient and effective solar-powered system.

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Business solutions

Power your business forward with customized energy strategies that deliver competitive benefits and sustainable solutions.

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Get started with clean, renewable energy plans
and solutions for your business.

Sustainable business electricity solutions for your industry

Sustainability isn’t just a part of our business, as a carbon-neutral company — it is our entire business. Since 1997, we’ve been choosing a cleaner planet with the help of our customers. Whether your business is going green for the first time or taking its sustainability efforts to the next level, we can help you improve the environment with 100% clean, renewable commercial electricity.

Apartment communities

Want to make a difference for your planet; your residents and your bottom line? Offering clean energy to your community can help set you apart as a green leader.

Inspire renters in your community to sign up and start making positive choices for the environment. Becoming a channel partner, along with other real estate customers, lets you offer pollution-free electricity to all of your apartment residents.


If you manage a restaurant, bar, lounge, coffee shop or other eatery, you might know a thing or two about tight margins, right? Reliable, affordable clean energy can help keep electricity bills in check while adding to your unique story and attracting patrons who value social responsibility.


Your school or university has the opportunity to educate entire generations about the importance of protecting the planet. Talk about powerful! By going green with renewable energy, you can deliver more genuine and effective messages about the environment, pollution and sustainability.


Whether you manage a hospital, doctor’s or dentist’s office, laboratory or other health care facility, you can show that you prioritize patient health both in and out of the office by embracing renewable energy. After all, the health of our environment affects public health.


Your customers want to spend their money at businesses that share their values. Attract more business and generate brand loyalty by using clean energy. From apparel and automotive to pets and cleaning supplies, clean energy is for everyone.

Wholesale and manufacturing

Want to differentiate yourself from the competition? Team up with our green experts to choose the best sustainable business electricity solutions for your factory, plant or facility. Dependable power for your equipment? Check. Satisfied customers? Check. An empowering message to share with your buyers and employees? Check and check! 100% clean, renewable energy offers it all.

Other businesses

Renewable energy works for all sizes and types of business. Whether it’s a small, medium or large commercial setting, your business can benefit from choosing a more sustainable energy source. Government agencies can send a strong message about the future of renewable energy by using it daily; financial institutions can show they care about more than just the bottom line; hotels can promote sustainability practices as a selling point to travelers. It’s a never-ending list, and we’ve saved a spot for your company on it.

Get started with clean, renewable energy plans
and solutions for your business.