Commercial Electricity for Medium and Large Businesses

Do more for your business, the planet and your bottom line.

Corporate social responsibility is more than a business trend. It’s a commitment to the planet, the community and the future. It’s no longer enough to say you’re committed to cleaning up the environment. Consumers expect to see quantifiable results to back up the press announcements and social media posts. When you sign up for a 100% clean commercial electricity plan, it’s a demonstration that your company cares about the community and the environment, and that you’re committed to doing more toward a cleaner tomorrow.

When it comes to your medium or large business electricity service, reducing your company’s carbon footprint is easy with our commercial plans – and we equip you with the know-how and data to show your customers and stakeholders you’re serious about doing more for the planet.

Want to make your business more sustainable?

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Be sustainable your way.

We know it can be challenging to be environmentally friendly and cost-effective at the same time. That’s why we create custom plans based on your company’s unique goals.

Your energy-saving goals may include:

We support your sustainability initiatives, and as a company that has achieved carbon neutrality, we want to help you succeed. Since 1997, we’ve been offering 100% clean energy, carbon offsets and sustainable living solutions. We believe that you have the power to make a positive impact on the planet, and our energy experts will customize a competitively priced, renewable energy solution that makes it easy to do what’s right for the environment and your budget.

Plug in to the benefits of green power.

From LEED® certification to renewable energy certificates, we can help you demonstrate the value of clean energy to your stakeholders. With each plan, you can:


Get expert help.

We help you find ways to earn Green Power Points for LEED® certification.

View actionable data.

Custom carbon footprint calculations and management tools help you stay on track.

Quantify your impact.

Carbon offsets and RECs help neutralize your company’s CO2 emissions.

Why choose Green Mountain Energy as your commercial electricity provider?

Sustainable energy is what we do. It’s what we’ve always done. We’ve been providing renewable energy plans since 1997, and we’ve built our reputation on reliable, clean energy service. We power hundreds of businesses like yours every day.

We know choosing renewable energy is a triple win – for you, for your community and for the environment.

And like most companies, we started small and grew fast. We understand the challenges you face – medium and large businesses have to be agile and able to roll with the punches to stay successful.

That’s why environmental responsibility has to be balanced with solid budgeting and a long-term vision. We do our best to provide renewable commercial energy plans that fit your business, and we help you find ways to conserve energy across your day-to-day operations.

For medium and large business electricity, basic power is not enough. You need an energy partner that finds sustainable solutions that work – for today and for the long haul. Here are some ways we help you achieve your clean energy goals:

  • We provide 100% renewable power to reduce your carbon footprint.

  • Texas customers can locally source power from an off-site renewable asset, or they can sell back excess solar generation from their on-site assets.

  • We provide enrollment guidance in the EPA Green Power Partnership program.

  • We help with Green-e certification, if you’re acquiring LEED accreditation.

Your company’s electricity plan should benefit your bottom line and the planet. We help you get there.


Want to make your business more sustainable?

Contact us today to learn about our renewable energy solutions and get a customized quote for your business.

Our customers have avoided


pounds of CO2

That’s like planting


new trees.