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About Green Mountain Energy in New Jersey

What is Green Mountain doing to protect the environment?

How long has Green Mountain Energy been doing business in New Jersey?

Why should I choose Green Mountain Energy vs. my utility or other electricity suppliers?

All About Billing

Will my bill remain on the same schedule as it is now?

How will my bill work?

I’m on a budget billing plan with my electric utility. Will I lose that if I switch to Green Mountain?

Can I still pay my electric bill online?

Choosing Green Mountain Energy

What kinds of plans are available to me?

If I switch to Green Mountain will I still have reliable service?

Why choose renewable energy?

How do I become a Green Mountain customer?

How soon will my service begin?

Will the power go out while I’m waiting for my Green Mountain Energy service to begin? Do I have to install any equipment?

Electric Choice in New Jersey

Is Green Mountain Energy competing against my utility company?

Does “electric choice” mean I get to pick any utility I want?

New Jersey Environmental Disclosure Label

Environmental Disclosure Label