Footprint Free Plan — Offset Carbon Emissions

Get solar energy, offset your carbon emissions and support sustainability projects – all in one ultra-green plan.

Everything we do leaves a carbon footprint, from driving our cars to keeping the temperature in our homes comfortable to everything else in our daily routines. But there are ways we can offset our impact and live the ultra-green lifestyle we’ve been dreaming about without changing the way we live. All we have to do is go Footprint Free.

The Footprint Free plan is more than just energy. It’s the easiest way to live a green lifestyle, simply by living your life. When you sign up for Footprint Free, you’re not only powering your home with 100% clean electricity, you’re buying carbon offsets for your lifestyle and supporting sustainability projects through Green Mountain Energy Sun Club.

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Benefits of the Footprint Free plan

Offset your life’s emissions and help communities become more sustainable, all in one convenient monthly payment.

Renewable energy

Power your home with
100% solar energy.

Carbon offsets

Cover estimated emissions from your
home, travel and more.

Sun Club donation

Help put sustainability at the
center of communities.

Here’s how Footprint Free makes an even bigger impact.

When you use renewable energy, you make a positive impact by avoiding carbon emissions. When you add carbon offsets, you make twice the impact by offsetting carbon emissions from driving, waste and more.* And with a Sun Club donation, you’re taking an active part in making communities greener.

That’s what makes Footprint Free so great. It’s everything you need to green your lifestyle, rolled together in one ultra-green elite plan, bringing your carbon footprint that much closer to zero.

* With a monthly electricity usage of 2,000 kWh, a renewable energy plan offsets 32,000 pounds of CO2 emissions annually. Based on calculations from the EPA, the carbon offsets included in the Footprint Free plan offset 79,000 pounds of CO2 annually.