Customers on the SolarSPARC® (Smart People Accelerating Renewable Change) plan help accelerate the growth, adoption, and innovation of solar energy.

Green Mountain sets aside money each month* on behalf of every SolarSPARC customer to support our efforts to make solar more affordable, effective, and available.These funds help us support a variety of projects, programs, and solar-related technologies. Such initiatives may include residential and commercial rebates; energy storage and other innovative technology subsidies; and supporting new business models intended to lower sales, installation, and equipment costs.

Thanks for helping us put the sun to work and contributing toward a sustainable future!

Check out how SolarSPARC funds are used.

Solar Installation Rebates

Green Mountain offers rebates to residential and commercial customers who go solar with Green Mountain’s preferred network of solar installers. Designed to improve the affordability of solar, the amount of rebate available varies by customer. To learn more about our solar rebate, request a solar assessment.

Technology Investment

Green Mountain is investing in innovative technologies that automate the solar sales process to help lower the costs of going solar. The reduced expenses translate into lower prices and improved affordability for our solar customers.

Texas Parks & Wildlife
Texas Parks & Wildlife (TPWD) Dinosaur Valley State Park, Estero Llano Grande State Park, and Eisenhower State Park are the latest sites to receive solar panel installations through the long-standing sustainability partnership with Green Mountain Energy. A great example of working together in unique ways to implement alternative energy solutions to offset TWPD’s energy usage, allowing for more park enhancements.
• Project: 67kW solar array
• Installed: 2019
• Estimated Production: 95,147kWh annually
• Carbon Avoided: 150,100 pounds annually
AMLI Residential
AMLI Residential, one of the leading multifamily companies in the nation, has teamed up with Green Mountain as its preferred electricity provider to power four of its Dallas-area properties with 100% clean energy and to install solar panels. By tapping into the power of the sun, solar energy is producing 15-20% of AMLI’s common area electricity usage at each community.
• Project: 347.9 kW solar array
• Installed: 2018
• Estimated Production: 228,197 kWh annually
• Carbon Avoided: 342,500 pounds annually
ZeroFossil, a Pittsburgh-based company dedicated to sustainable event production, collaborated with Green Mountain to create the Solar to Sound Experience, a solar-powered mobile stage. This stage makes sustainable and self-sufficient concerts a reality.
• Project: 2.8 kW of solar generation and 14.4 kWh of storage
• Installed: 2018
Residential Solar Installations
SolarSPARC funds have supported more than 8,500 kW of home solar installations in Texas. Go solar at your home with one of Green Mountain Energy’s preferred installation partners.
• Project: 8,500 kW of solar arrays at Texas homes
• Installed: 2016 to present
• Estimated Production: 12 million kWh annually and growing
• Carbon Avoided: 8,900 tons annually and growing
Elbow Creek Wind Farm
This SolarSPARC project was installed outside Big Spring, Texas, where renewable energy is generated straight from the source!
• Project: 9.75 kW Solar Array
• Installed: 2014
• Estimated Production: 16,300 kWh annually
• Carbon Avoided: 10 tons annually
img_CampHope_SolarSPARCEpiphany Lutheran School
Epiphany Lutheran School, located in Houston Texas, believes that every child is more than just a number. Teachers and administrators work to provide a solid academic foundation to prepare each child for a life of joy, service, and significance.
• Project: 19.25 kW Solar Array
• Installed: 2015
• Estimated Production: 25,700 kWh annually
• Carbon Avoided: 18 tons annually
img_CampHope_SolarSPARCCamp Hope
Camp Hope, located in Houston, Texas, provides interim housing for our Wounded Warriors, veterans, and their families suffering from combat-related PTSD, in a caring and positive environment that offers healing, help, and hope.
• Project: 16 kW Solar Array
• Installed: 2015
• Estimated Production: 21,400 kWh annually
• Carbon Avoided: 15 tons annually
Brahma Kumaris
The Houston location of Brahma Kumaris is dedicated to empowering individuals with wisdom, inner strength, and courage through formal meditation training. It is also a resource for those dealing with domestic and sexual abuse, addiction, serious illness, and other forms of trauma.
• Project: 9.2 kW Solar Array
• Installed: 2015
• Estimated Production: 12,300 kWh annually
• Carbon Avoided: 9 tons annually
img_HoustonFoodBank_SolarSPARCHouston Food Bank
The Houston Food Bank, founded in 1982, is the largest source of food for hunger relief charities in 18 southeast Texas counties. The network feeds 800,000 people each year and is a certified member of Feeding America, the nation’s food bank network.
• Project: 40 kW Solar Array
• Installed: 2015
• Estimated Production: 53,000 kWh annually
• Carbon Avoided: 38 tons annually
Sea Center Solar ArraySea Center Texas Solar Array
This rooftop solar array provides enough energy generation to offset most of the Sea Center Texas’ usage. As a part of their Sustainable Business Partnership with Green Mountain Energy they also receive 100% renewable energy from Green Mountain. The Sea Center Texas is a marine aquarium, fish hatchery and nature center operated by Texas Parks and Wildlife department that offers various educational programs designed to promote conservation of Texas’ marine resources.
• Project: 21 kW system
• Installed: 2016
• Estimated Production: 27,000 kWh annually
Ready to join us in making a positive impact for the environment? Go solar at home with one of Green Mountain’s preferred installation partners.
* Green Mountain contributes $2.50 per month for SolarSPARC 10 customers located in NY, PA, MA, NJ and IL and $4 per month for all other SolarSPARC customers in those states as well as all customers in Texas.