SolarSPARC® Plan — Help Fund Solar Projects

Support the growth of solar energy and earn an annual credit.

Join Green Mountain on our mission to change the way power is made by signing up for a SolarSPARC electricity plan. Each month, we set aside money on behalf of every customer enrolled in SolarSPARC to help fund a variety of projects, programs and technologies aimed at making solar energy more affordable, effective and available in local communities. Not only will you be helping to spread the growth of solar power, you’ll also earn an annual credit that grows over time.1

How is SolarSPARC making a difference?

Renewable energy is on the rise, and we’re proud to help support sustainable sources of energy like solar. Our past SolarSPARC projects include rooftop solar arrays for Elbow Creek Wind Farm, Texas Parks & Wildlife, Camp Hope, the Houston Food Bank, AMLI Residential and more. Check out all the projects and programs supported by SolarSPARC funds.

In addition, SolarSPARC funds help provide solar rebates to make going solar more affordable for more people.

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Ready, Set, Go!

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Benefits of becoming a SolarSPARC customer:

  • Get solar energy2 with the plan term that works best for you.
  • Earn an annual solar credit.
  • Green Mountain sets aside money each month to support solar energy adoption and innovation and put solar within reach of our customers.

Plus, you’ll be playing a role in accelerating the growth of solar and helping create a sustainable future!

1 You will receive a credit for each year you are continuously enrolled on SolarSPARC. See the SolarSPARC FAQs and plan terms and conditions documents for details about the annual credit amount.

2 Solar content varies by product. For details, see the contract documents for the product you select. Solar content is sourced from national solar projects.