Green Mountain Energy Commercial Solar offers a great way to help the environment while putting a little money back into your pocket at the same time. Installing solar panels may give you a return on a good investment.

Why Green Mountain Energy

Green Mountain has been a leading renewable energy provider in Texas, having been part of commercial solar projects since 2002. We are the first Renewable Energy Professional dedicated to renewable energy and sustainability.

Purchasing solar energy

You may reduce your long-term overall energy costs with an electricity rate plan that rewards extended electricity agreements and prices-in the benefits of solar. Protect your business from the threat of rising energy costs by locking-in a fixed monthly rate for that portion of your electricity generated by your solar system over the 25+ year life of your system

You can also maximize the economics of your solar project if you qualify for government and industry incentives as well as additional solar subsidies exclusively offered by Green Mountain.


We understand that everyone’s financial goals are different. We offer multiple purchase options at little or no up-front costs:

  • Leasing
  • Loans
  • Power Purchase Agreement

We can power multiple locations

When your system generates extra energy, we’ll reward you through our Renewable Rewards® buy-back program. If you have multiple locations, we can take care of that, too. With our aggregate billing solution, you can enjoy the economic benefits of solar from one location across all of your buildings that we serve.


Please note that this promotion only applies in areas in the state of Texas served by Green Mountain Energy Company.

Request a solar assessment for your business.

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