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About Commercial Solar Buyback Program

Does Green Mountain buy back energy that solar panels deliver back to the grid?

What is excess energy?

How is the excess energy credit calculated?

What contract term lengths are available?

Are there any caps or limits on excess energy credits?

Can I apply my excess solar energy from one site to the usage of multiple locations?

Can I include multiple solar installations on one buy back plan?

What is a recommended offset percent for the Green Mountain buyback?

Existing customers and billing

Why am I not receiving credits for excess energy produced by my solar array?

Do my buyback credits transfer if I switch plans?

Why does my Renewable Buyback Credit amount change from month to month?

What is the difference between my solar production and the excess energy that I receive credit for?

Why does my solar monitoring sensor not match the excess energy on my bill?

How do I calculate my on-site solar consumption?

Who do I contact about interconnection to the grid and two-way metering?

If I still have questions, who can I talk to?

Program eligibility

Who can sign up for the Solar Buyback Program? What technologies are supported?

What are the requirements to enroll in the Solar Buyback Program?

Do I need a special meter?

Can current Green Mountain customers enroll in the Solar Buyback Program?

Signing up for Solar Buyback Program

How do I sign up for the Solar Buyback Program?

When should I enroll in the Solar Buyback Program?

How long does it take after I enroll in the Solar Buyback Program to start receiving excess energy credits?