It’s easy to help the Sun Club donate solar energy and other sustainability projects to non-profits! Take a look at the options below and pick the one that fits you best. No level of contribution is too small. Soon you’ll be joining a community of thousands who have already helped us install over 900 kW of solar energy to more than 75 organizations that enrich their communities. And, your donation is tax deductible.*

Choose one of the contribution levels below, from $5 to $250.

Sparkler$5 or $10 Contribution


Sunburst$20, $35 or $50 Contribution


Red Giant$60, $75 or $90 Contribution


Super Nova$100 or $250 Contribution


Already a Green Mountain customer?

If you live in Texas, log into My Account to become a Sun Club member and contribute to the program automatically through your monthly electricity bill. You’ll also receive a priority customer care phone number and a Sun Club magnet.

How do non-profits and their communities benefit from Sun Club solar donations?

The organizations receive the solar technology at no cost— including installation. They save money on monthly electricity bills for the life of the system (typically 25-30 years!)The money saved goes right back into supporting the communities they serve

They reduce their environmental footprints by producing pollution-free electricity

Each donation helps expose their communities to the benefits of solar energy and promote its importance as part of our energy future

100% of your contributions go to the Sun Club. They’re used in part to build new solar power for non-profits and promote the importance of this renewable resource.

How do non-profits and their communities benefit from Sun Club sustainability donations?

The Sun Club has expanded our charter to focus on new, exciting projects for non-profits. Grants are centered on renewable technologies and environmental upgrades such as air quality improvement and water conservation, as well as renewable energy education and projects for the community, from energy-efficiency upgrades to green commuting initiatives.

Please note: The Green Mountain Energy Sun Club is a non-profit organization formed under Section 501(c)(3) of the U.S. Internal Revenue Code. All contributions to the foundation are tax-deductible for federal income tax purposes.