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rge-ny-pollution-free Pollution Free
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Pollution Free
100% Wind
100% Wind
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Month-to-month flexibility
Cancellation Fee: None

Power your home with wind

Help us change the way power is made! Choose Pollution Free electricity made from 100% clean, renewable wind energy.

Get the flexibility of a variable-price month-to-month plan, with an introductory, promotional price for one month and no minimum term or cancellation fee. Nothing changes in the way the electricity is delivered to your home, so your electricity will be as reliable as ever.

By joining our community you’ll help give solar energy to non-profits through our monthly contribution to the Sun Club®.

Environmental Impact

By choosing the Pollution Free product over typical system power, a New York household with monthly usage of 500 kWh can prevent more than 9,300 pounds of carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions a year. That's like...
Green tree image 980 Young Trees' CO2 Absorbed Annually
miles image 10,300 Miles Not Driven
newspaper image 9,600 Newspapers Recycled