Innercity Community Development Corporation

Project Details

Community Service

Where: Dallas, TX

Dedication Date: August 23, 2022

Donation Type: Rooftop solar array

Size: 50.8 kW

Claim to Fame: A new rooftop solar array will offset approximately 78% of the building’s needs, allowing the organization to provide even more community support through home ownership, job training and entrepreneurship.

Project Overview

Founded in 1986, the Innercity Community Development Corporation (ICDC) pioneered reinvestment in the South Dallas/Fair Park neighborhoods. Prior to its founding, these disenfranchised neighborhoods lacked zoning or development plans, which allowed environmental racism to sprawl and resulted in ZIP codes with the worst urban poverty rate in Dallas County. With a mission to create a stable, safe and vibrant community through partnerships that provide homeownership opportunities, entrepreneurship programs, workforce development, community education and advocacy, the ICDC has empowered the surrounding community. Today, sustainable infrastructure through the construction of new energy-efficient housing and renovations of existing homes is the central focus.

Since its initial founding and acquisition of 44 vacant, dilapidated properties, ICDC has remediated and constructed 245 homes, turning hopelessness into hopefulness. Trainees in the workforce program learn energy-efficient construction techniques, including solar installation, through a partnership with Green Careers Dallas; they’re then hired by companies seeking to improve the quality of life in the South Dallas area. Those that seek homeownership receive free counseling sessions to make their American Dream a reality.

A $129,438 grant from the Sun Club will help ICDC expand on its community efforts through energy savings from a 50.8 kW solar array. Lifetime energy savings will provide over 360 additional individuals access to free financial health counseling on their path to first-time homeownership and give 18 entrepreneurs coaching to help their businesses thrive.