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Snipes Farm and Education Center

Snipes Farm and Education Center
Snipes Farm and Education Center
Snipes Farm and Education Center

Food Advocacy


Morrisville, PA

Dedication Date

March 18, 2015

Donation Type

Off-Grid Solar Electric



Claim to Fame

Solar-powered Chicken Coop!

Project Overview


Snipes Farm and Education Center's mission is to model and teach sustainable farming, while building community and reconnecting people to the land. Founded in 2008, this "outdoor classroom" is located on 25 acres of the historic Snipes. They envision a world where everyone has access to healthy food, open space and the experience of farming, where local economies are strengthened by the preservation of small farms, and where priority is given to sustaining the earth and its natural resources.

Part of this commitment to the environment and the next generations includes an abundance of solar energy throughout the farm, helping to power the farm and educational center's operations and teach those who visit about the amazing power of the sun. Sun Club added yet more innovative solar to Snipes Farm with the donation of an off-grid solar system to power the roving "Cluckingham Palace:" a chicken coop housed in a colorful camper!

To protect these feathered ladies from predators an electric fence surrounds the coop at all times. Before the Sun Club's solar donation, the coop had limited range because it had to stay close to a power source. This affected the farm's crops, too, because the chickens were not able to fertilize much of the farm. Now they can travel anywhere which should result in a much healthier harvest. The solar installation also powers the coop's lights and a heated thermos to keep their water from freezing in the winter. This is the most innovative Sun Club donation so far!

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