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NY Sun Works

NY Sun Works
NY Sun Works
NY Sun Works

Food Advocacy


Bronx, NY

Dedication Date

April 28, 2022

Donation Type

Hydroponic labs and solar-powered battery storage

Claim to Fame

Two hydroponic farm classroom labs will yield fresh, organic produce year-round using 10x less water than traditional farming methods

Project Overview

The first NY Sun Works hydroponic classroom opened in 2010 in Manhattan, designed to teach STEM in a hands-on, experiential way while growing produce to feed to the community. Since then, NY Sun Works has partnered with more than 200 public schools — reaching over 50,000 students each year — and facilitated training to 700 educators and 500 administrators across the districts. Its reach spans across the five boroughs of NYC and metropolitan NJ.

Hydroponic farms are good for indoor, urban locations, operate year-round and boast 0% water waste. They also decrease the farm-to-consumer transportation-related air pollution and traffic. Additionally, these labs cost approximately 10% of a traditional science lab, making this innovative, forward-looking approach to science and food supply a cost-effective, accessible and financially viable venture for public school systems.

NY Sun Works will use a $115,213 Sun Club grant to outfit classrooms at Longwood Academy of Discovery and South Bronx Early College Academy with two hydroponic labs that will create a K-8th grade continuity in sustainability education for the up-and-coming generation.

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