A Green Mountain Energy® Sun Club Project

Hilltop Alliance                                           


Food Advocacy


Pittsburgh, PA

Dedication Date

October 9, 2021

Donation Type

Solar, lighting, data control center, and monitoring cameras


16.5 kW

Claim to Fame

The Hilltop Urban farm is on track to become the largest urban farm in the country

Project Overview

The Hilltop Urban Farm is a 107-acre parcel that seeks to address neighborhood-based food insecurity, develop long-term entrepreneurial opportunities, foster innovative connections with local and regional food systems partners, create and preserve community green space assets. The Hilltop Urban Farm project will create 23 acres of new urban farmland and 67 acres of protected hillsides, totaling 90 acres of new protected urban green space.

In support of Hilltop Alliance’s Farmer Incubation Program, which will activate 5.75 acres of farmland for up to 16 farm businesses, Sun Club provided funding of $65,310 in support of 8 shipping containers to power tools, laptops, wifi, lighting, monitoring cameras and mobile cooler trailers. The Sun Club donation will be used to install solar on each of the shipping containers for a total of 16.5 kW of power. The funds will also be used to purchase lighting systems, environmental centers (datahubs that can automatically and remotely operate pumps, valves, cameras and lights), and monitoring cameras. All of these items will be powered by the solar panels.

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