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Plant it Forward Farms                    

Plant it Forward Farms
Plant it Forward Farms
Plant it Forward Farms

Food Advocacy


Houston, TX

Dedication Date

May 17, 2021

Donation Type

Biodiesel refrigerated van, preparation of farm plots 



Claim to Fame

A hyperlocal approach to reducing food miles and creating employment opportunities

Project Overview

Plant It Forward Farms offers economically disadvantaged refugees an opportunity to become self-sufficient through growing, harvesting and selling produce from a sustainable urban farm within the city of Houston. It secures land, selects, trains, and mentors farmers and establishes each on their own urban farm to sell under the Plant It Forward brand.

Sun Club provided $85,000 towards the readying of one new farm with multiple plots which will make room for more farmers to join the program, including a new biodiesel refrigerated van that will be used to deliver farm shares to Houstonians. Since 2011, Plant it Forward Farms has delivered 30,000 farm shares into the community, reducing typical food transportation miles by 100 times.

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