Piermont Civic Association

Project Details

Civic Organization

Where: Piermont, NY

Dedication Date: October 5, 2018

Donation Type: Functioning solar art installation with battery storage

Size: 1.4 kW

Claim to Fame: Off-the-grid power solution for lighting of 1880 pedestrian drawbridge

Project Overview

The Piermont Civic Association installed a permanent, solar-powered light installation at the Sparkill Creek Drawbridge in Piermont as part of the Rockland County Art in Public Places initiative.

Sun Club provided $14,000 in funding for the solar installation and corresponding battery storage. The four-panel solar array is artfully and strategically designed to follow the sun, optimizing the amount of energy produced each day. Thanks to a battery located on the bridge, the energy produced by the panels during the day will be stored so it can illuminate the bridge when the sun goes down.