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Piermont Civic Association

Piermont Civic Association
Piermont Civic Association
Piermont Civic Association

Civic Organization


Piermont, NY

Dedication Date

October 5, 2018

Donation Type

Functioning solar art installation with battery storage


1.4 kW


Claim to Fame

Off-the-grid power solution for lighting of 1880 pedestrian drawbridge

Project Overview

The Piermont Civic Association installed a permanent, solar-powered light installation at the Sparkill Creek Drawbridge in Piermont as part of the Rockland County Art in Public Places initiative.

Sun Club provided $14,000 in funding for the solar installation and corresponding battery storage. The four-panel solar array is artfully and strategically designed to follow the sun, optimizing the amount of energy produced each day. Thanks to a battery located on the bridge, the energy produced by the panels during the day will be stored so it can illuminate the bridge when the sun goes down

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