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SEARCH Homeless Services                                               

SEARCH Homeless Services
SEARCH Homeless Services
SEARCH Homeless Services

Civic Organization


Houston, TX

Dedication Date:

June 13, 2016

Donation Type:

Solar Electric and Rainwater Harvesting System


65 kW and 1,000 gallons

Claim to Fame:

Brightening a People-centric Nonprofit With Sustainable Solutions

Project Overview


SEARCH Homeless Services is a Houston-based nonprofit that changes thousands of lives every year, helping people transition from the streets into stable housing and jobs. Bringing SEARCH a bright opportunity, Green Mountain Energy Sun Club donated $300,000 for a 65-kilowatt solar array, increased insulation and LED lighting that will be located at the nonprofit’s headquarters. In total, the solar array will cover about 50% of the headquarters’ energy usage, which will help save SEARCH over $300,000. This is just one of the projects that the Sun Club has funded for SEARCH as a part of our ongoing commitment to empower nonprofits with sustainable solutions. Sun Club also donated $86,000 toward a rainwater harvesting system that will be located at the school for SEARCH’s House of Tiny Treasures (HTT), an early childhood education program that nurtures the young children of homeless families. The donation will help the school with irrigation and will be used as a learning tool to teach the children about water conservation. With the backing of the Sun Club and many others, SEARCH can continue their steps toward ending homelessness in Houston. To learn more about SEARCH and how you can help support them, please visit searchhomeless.org.

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