Greyston Foundation / Bakery

Project Details

Community Service

Where: Yonkers, NY

Dedication Date: April 18, 2013

Donation Type: Solar Electric

Size: 8.82 kW

Claim to Fame: Supplier to Ben & Jerry's Is Now Using Solar Power to Bake Brownies and Put More People to Work!

Project Overview

These bakers on a mission don’t hire people to bake brownies, the bake brownies to hire people! Greyston Bakery is the revenue arm of the Greyston Foundation which runs a host of social programs in Yonkers, NY to help folks get back on their feet, gainfully employed and living in clean, affordable housing. They can now claim to be baking their delicious brownies (sold in Whole Foods and in Ben & Jerry’s ice cream) with solar power! The funds saved from the array go right back into their social programs, having a positive impact on the community of Yonkers.