The BLK ProjeK

Project Details

Food Advocacy

Where: The Bronx, NY

Dedication Date: August 2, 2014

Donation Type: Solar Electric Battery Charger

Size: 1.2 kW

Claim to Fame: Powering a Mobile Farmer's Market Bus

Project Overview

The BLK ProjeK, on a mission to address food justice and economic development by delivering organic produce to neighborhoods with little access to nutritious foods, applied for a Sun Club solar donation. Without solar, the bus was unable to power refrigerators (it runs on used vegetable oil) and was limited to carrying only non-perishable items. With the help of a $12,000 Sun Club grant, the bus now has solar on its roof and refrigerators that can carry calcium-rich dairy products to strengthen the bones and minds of its Bronx community members!

Recently featured in the New York Times, The BLK ProjeK seeks to address food justice and economic development by harnessing the local, good food movement and creating small business and career opportunities for under-served individuals in neighborhoods with limited access to fresh, healthy produce. As the Sun Club continually seeks to support non-profit organizations that serve their communities with positive and sustainable missions, The BLK ProjeK was a perfect fit for our first solar donation in the Bronx, and we are thrilled to officially dedicate this important solar project!