The trees may change, but you can stay green.

Winter weather can make it challenging to keep your carbon footprint low when you’re using more electricity to keep your home warm. But no matter what the season brings, you can make a few simple choices that’ll help you stay energy efficient and manage your electricity bill, so you can stay cozy and green all winter long.

Be prepared for winter.


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Conserve energy with these tips.

If you have an electric heating system, it’s possible that you could use just as much electricity to keep your home comfortable in the winter months as you do in the summertime. Consider implementing these habits to save as much energy as possible.

Turn down your thermostat. For every degree below 68°F, you can expect to save about 3% on your heating costs.

Set your ceiling fans for cooler weather. Fans that rotate clockwise can recirculate the heat rising in your home.

Remember the 4-by-4 rule. If you’re going to be away for more than 4 hours, set the thermostat 4° lower.

Unplug your electronics. Stop vampire power from draining your wallet by putting your electronics on a power strip and unplugging it when not in use.

Check your water heater. The ideal temperature for an energy-efficient water heater is 120° F.

Get cooking. Using your stove and oven to cook meals can help keep your home warm. Plus, when you’re done using them, you have food to eat!

Looking for more ways to live green this winter?

Staying green through the winter doesn’t stop with saving energy. Whether you’re out in the cold weather or cozy at home, you can implement these eco-friendly suggestions to help yourself and the planet.

Green your mealtime with sustainable cookware.

Take your winter soups and stews to a healthier and more earth-friendly level.

Take care of your skin.

If your skin gets dry in cold weather, choose planet-friendly methods to keep it nourished and moisturized.

Green your winter clothes.

Did you know that some clothing fabrics are eco-friendlier than others? Add these 5 sustainable fabrics to your winter closet.


Start composting.

It’s a great way to help the planet, and it doesn’t have to be complicated. Here’s what you need to know to get started on your composting journey.

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