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Power of the Sun: Helping Homeowners Make the Most of Solar

Power of the Sun: Helping Homeowners Make the Most of Solar
Power of the Sun: Helping Homeowners Make the Most of Solar
Power of the Sun: Helping Homeowners Make the Most of Solar

Texans now have more reasons to adopt rooftop solar with Green Mountain Energy’s new solar program, featuring a simple three-step process that helps make going solar easy for Texas homeowners. Through the initiative, Green Mountain pairs a homeowner with an approved local rooftop solar installer, then enrolls the homeowner in the Green Mountain Renewable Rewards® buyback plan and provides the homeowner with a SolarSPARC® rebate.

Solar energy is increasingly affordable and accessible, and Green Mountain is committed to helping consumers realize the benefits of renewable energy. Not only is solar an investment in clean energy to protect the environment, solar can also reduce monthly electric bills and protect consumers from future increases in energy costs. Green Mountain is helping customers take advantage of both the financial and environmental benefits of installing rooftop solar.

“The best way to maximize the overall positive impact of going solar on the environment and your wallet is to consider all of the various components of a solar solution,” said Mark Parsons, general manager of Green Mountain Energy Company. “We’re providing a unique combination of offerings for Texans who are interested in all the benefits that solar energy has to offer.” With Green Mountain’s Renewable Rewards excess energy buyback plan, customers can maximize the return on their investment in solar energy by receiving credits for any excess energy their system generates. The first energy buyback product of its kind in competitive Texas markets that Green Mountain serves, Renewable Rewards is 100% clean energy and has no limits on the amount of excess energy bought back, and all credits are applied to the customer’s next electricity bill.

The SolarSPARC rebate is the first self-funded retail electricity provider incentive of its kind and can save Green Mountain customers, on average, thousands of dollars on installation costs. To qualify for the SolarSPARC rebate, customers purchase and install a residential solar system using a Green Mountain preferred installation partner and enroll on the Renewable Rewards program (where applicable).

Green Mountain Energy is the nation’s longest-serving renewable energy retailer and has more than 15 years of experience helping Texans go solar. Committed to changing the way power is made, Green Mountain offers consumers and businesses the choice of cleaner electricity products from renewable sources. Visit our website or call us at (844) 624-GMSOLAR to learn more.

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