Philadelphia Ronald McDonald House

Project Details

Affordable Housing

Where: Philadelphia, PA

Dedication Date: May 15, 2019

Donation Type: 125 kW solar array, solar-powered art piece, orchard

Size: 125 kW

Claim to Fame: Helping the first Ronald McDonald House in the world serve as a model for sustainability to 360 houses in 42 countries

Project Overview

A $315,627 grant will be used to incorporate sustainability features into an expansion of the West Philadelphia Ronald McDonald House campus. The project will include 125 kW of solar to power a portion of the energy needed for the new 72,000-square-foot, 66-bedroom tower, which more than doubles the overnight accommodations.

In addition, a fruit tree orchard will be planted on-site to increase families’ access to local and healthy food. In the orchard, a solar-powered art piece will bring solar panels to eye level and provide a beautiful, interactive element for residents to enjoy.

Watch a quick video about the project: