Minnie’s Food Pantry

Project Details

Affordable Housing

Where: Plano, TX

Dedication Date: September 19, 2019

Donation Type: Rooftop solar array

Size: 120.9 kW

Claim to Fame: Energy savings from solar power allows Minnie’s Food Pantry to serve 45,000 additional meals each year

Project Overview

Minnie’s Food Pantry believes in encouraging HEALTHY meals, HEALTHY finances, HEALTHY minds and HEALTHY relationships. Doubling its capacity to support the community, Minnie’s is moving to a new facility. An essential element of the facility is to ensure it’s a HEALTHY building.

A $163,278 grant from Sun Club is funding the installation of a $120.9 kW rooftop solar system that will offset over 50% of the facility’s electricity needs. This will result in an annual electricity bill savings of nearly $15,000, allowing Minnie’s to provide nearly 45,000 additional meals each year.