Millvale Community Library

Project Details


Where: Millvale, PA

Dedication Date: September 19, 2015

Donation Type: Solar Electric

Size: 7.975 kW

Claim to Fame: Helping This Community Library Go 100% Solar!

Project Overview

Millvale Community Library was built from the ground up by a team of hard-working, community volunteers to provide a powerhouse of local involvement, dynamic programming, educational resources and an exceptional space to learn and come together. They make decisions that are good for the environment, the local economy, and people. It's because of that three-prong commitment that the library set out on the mission to derive 100% of  its electricity from solar energy. The Sun Club helped them with that mission by providing $30,000 to provide additional solar on the last remaining roof space. Things are looking bright for Millvale Community Library as it substantially reduces its environmental footprint while also saving much needed funds to continue to provide this very important resource for the residents of Millvale and the surrounding Pittsburgh area.