A Green Mountain Energy® Sun Club Project

City of Arlington Downtown Library                     

Arlington Library
Arlington Library
Arlington Library



Arlington, TX

Dedication Date

April 16, 2018

Donation Type

Rooftop solar, gardens, sustainability  shop, recycling, audio tour, bike share, seed library



Claim to Fame

Sun Club’s 100th and largest project to date

Project Overview

The Sun Club’s $400,000 donation to the Arlington Downtown Library is helping to position the new library as a leading example of sustainability nationwide by adding a number of elements to the library’s existing investment in sustainability. The donation includes the installation of roof top solar, a butterfly garden, two standalone dinner gardens, a sustainability shop with used tablet refurbishment, a bike share station, book and electronics recycling, and a seed library. Sustainability features will truly be around every corner at the new library.

All features are based on an innovative “Learn, Practice, Implement” model developed in partnership with the City of Arlington, providing visitors with the opportunity to learn about sustainability, practice through programming, and implement these ideas in their own lives. And along with educational value, the solar array is expected to provide the City with cost-savings of approximately $12,000 annually while preventing 7,500 pounds of carbon dioxide per year, or the equivalent of planting 580 trees.

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