Residential Solar Power

Make your own electricity with a residential solar panel system.

The sun shines for free every day, so why not start using it as a source of clean, renewable energy?

Installing a residential solar panel system on your home makes more sense than ever these days. Improvements in technology and efficiency, plus the generous rebates available for homeowners, have spurred a drop in the cost of going solar by more than 90% since 2009.1 Installing a rooftop solar system will also help you save on energy costs for years to come. And on top of all that, you’ll significantly lower your home's carbon footprint and help ensure a cleaner, greener future for the planet.

Here are just some of the benefits of going solar:

  • Save money. Even with the price of installation, many of our customers are able to go solar for a lower monthly cost than they're paying for electricity right now.
  • Boost your home's value. On average, homes with solar panels sell 20% faster and for 17% more money than those without.2
  • Make an impact. Power your home — and the planet — with hope for a cleaner future.

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Installing with our partners gets you even more benefits.

When you go solar with one of our preferred installation partners, you can save thousands on installation costs with our exclusive residential solar rebate averaging $3,200.3 This exclusive rebate is on top of the savings you’ll already get from federal and local solar installation incentives such as the Federal Solar Investment Tax Credit.

Installing through our partners also ensures your system is protected by an industry-leading 30-year warranty.

Once your rooftop solar system is all set up and ready to go, you can sign up for a special, exclusive, not publicly available version of our Renewable Rewards buyback plan. Here’s how it works: On days when your panels make more electricity than you need, you can pass that electricity on to your local electric grid. In exchange, you’ll get a bill credit that you can put toward times when you need more electricity than your panels generate.

And what’s more, this special, exclusive, not publicly available version of our Renewable Rewards buyback plan is the only competitive electricity plan in Texas that will buy back 100% of your excess energy at the full retail rate. Where other companies will only offer credit toward your energy usage or until your bill reaches $0, we’ll buy back every bit of your energy with no limits.4

On average, residential solar customers enrolled in our special Renewable Rewards uncapped plan can save up to $12,000 on electricity bills for the life of their system.5

Or maybe you’d prefer to keep the excess energy for yourself? In that case, our installation partners can also install solar backup batteries and Goal Zero backup power generators. They’ll charge up using your solar panels and be there whenever they’re needed: on cloudy days, on dark nights or during power outages.

Get your residential rooftop solar system installed with us and enjoy:

Selling your excess energy back to the grid.

Our special Renewable Rewards uncapped plan can save customers up to $12,000 on electricity bills for the life of their system.

An industry-leading 30-year warranty.

Protect your system for all the sunny days ahead. The rainy, cloudy and windy ones, too.

Our exclusive installation rebate.

Our rebate saves solar customers an average of $3,200 on their installation costs.3

Make solar power a reality in your home.

If you live in Texas and own your home, it’s easy and risk-free to determine if a residential solar power system is right for you. Simply fill out our Solar Assessment Request, and we’ll get in touch to schedule your assessment.

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Need more time to consider a solar system for your home? You can still support solar and start saving for it with our Solar Panel Fund plan.

1 Lazard: Levelized Cost of Energy Analysis

2 Selling Into the Sun: Price Premium Analysis of a Multi-State Dataset of Solar Homes

3 Green Mountain Energy rebate amount varies by project, system size, location and availability of additional rebates. The average rebate is $3,200, and the actual rebate ranges from $892 to $5,625 (based on projects funded between January 2020 and December 2020). To qualify, complete a solar installation with a Green Mountain installation partner, sign up for a 24-month minimum term on the Renewable Rewards buyback plan, and sign and submit a Green Mountain Solar Rebate Agreement, agreeing to provide feedback on the installation experience. If eligible, customer will receive the SolarSPARC rebate within 30 days of submitting a completed rebate request, including verification of completed solar installation. The SolarSPARC rebate is offered at the discretion of Green Mountain and may be stopped at any time.

4 Texas Power Guide

5 Savings based on average system size and offset for a customer who installed through Green Mountain Energy, comparing their total electricity costs over the 30-year life of the system to the next-least-expensive publicly available buyback plan on the market as of 2022.