Accelerate the growth of solar energy by signing up for SolarSPARC® (Smart People Accelerating Renewable Change).

Sign up for SolarSPARC1 and play a role in improving the affordability, efficacy, and availability of solar energy. Green Mountain sets money aside each month on behalf of every SolarSPARC customer – to help us fund a variety of projects, programs, and solar-related technologies. This may include residential and commercial rebates;energy storage and other innovative technology subsidies; and supporting new ways of lowering sales,installation, and equipment costs.

You can even choose the amount of solar power you’d like in your plan.

  • 10% solar and 90% wind power
  • 100% solar power

Both are 100% renewable, helping to reduce our planet’s greenhouse gas emissions. It’s easy and rewarding – sign up today.

Ready, Set, Go!

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Benefits of becoming a SolarSPARC customer:

  • Get an affordable price on solar energy2 with the plan term that works best for you
  • Green Mountain sets aside money each month to support solar energy adoption and innovation

Plus, you’ll be playing a role in accelerating the growth of solar and helping create a sustainable future!

How SolarSPARC® is making a difference

Customers on the SolarSPARC®(Smart People Accelerating Renewable Change) plan help accelerate the growth, adoption, and innovation of solar energy. Check out the projects and programs funded by SolarSPARC funds.


1 The SolarSPARC product is currently not offered  in all markets we serve, but if you’re interested please send us an email.

2 Solar content percentage varies by product. For details, see the contract documents for the product you select. Solar content sourced from national solar facilities.