Get the full value from your home or business solar or wind system in Texas

With our Renewable Rewards buy-back program, you can maximize the return on your investment in distributed generation like solar or wind energy systems by receiving credit for any excess energy your system exports to the grid. We will give you a bill credit for 100% of your system’s outflow to the electric grid.

Texas Residential Customers:

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How does it work?

  1. RenewableRewards_diagramInstall a qualifying renewable energy generation facility at your home or business and work with your utility (or TDSP) to establish Interconnection agreement
  2. Enroll in our Renewable Rewards buy-back program
  3. Receive credit for all of the energy you produce, including any excess energy you export to the electricity grid.*

Residential customers: For the first 500 kWh per month of surplus power you generate, the credit will be the same per kWh rate we charge for the Renewable Rewards electricity product. For any excess energy beyond 500 kWh per month, the buy-back rate will be reduced by 50 percent. We will supplement the energy you produce with 100% wind energy from the grid. Learn more about net metering in this blog post.

Business customers: We can help you monetize your investment in a grid connected renewable energy system (maximum capacity of 50 kW), such as photovoltaic and wind systems that directly serve your facilities’ power needs. We will credit your monthly invoice equal to the excess energy you generate multiplied by the contracted energy rate on your Green Mountain Energy® electricity contract. Call our sales department details at 866-767-5818.


*The credit is exclusive of any monthly service charge, TDSP advanced meter surcharge, applicable taxes and fees or other charges.