Blue Is The New Green

Texas customers, choosing renewable energy is an easy and important thing you can do to help protect the environment – and save water! Green Mountain is the only electricity provider in Texas working to help consumers conserve water by giving you an easy way to live a greener lifestyle. Scroll down to learn why we care about water.

Choose 100% wind energy and get FREE water saving products – whether you want to conserve water indoors, or out. Choose the right plan for you.

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Save H20 Indoors

Save Water IndoorsPollution Free™ WaterSaver 12 electricity bundled with a Water Eco-Kit™.


Conserve Outside

Pollution Free™ WaterSaver 24 electricity bundled with a Rachio Smart Sprinkler Controller.


Why water?

Electricity made from conventional sources, especially nuclear and coal, requires a lot of water. Plus, it takes quite a bit of energy to collect, treat and distribute clean water. We call this the “energy-water nexus.”


Electricity made from wind energy, on the other hand, doesn’t use any water to produce.


We recognize that there’s a bigger picture when it comes to protecting the environment. Water, transportation and waste all contribute to your carbon footprint in addition to energy. Because of the water-energy nexus, water seemed like the obvious choice once we start looking at other ways to help our customers live more sustainably.

Learn more about water conservation from the EPA’s WaterSense program or Simply Conserve®. Also, read this blog post for additional information.