A Green Mountain Energy® Sun Club Project

Discovery Green                                                                                     

Discovery Green
Discovery Green
Discovery Green

Nature Center


Houston, TX

Dedication Date

August 17, 2020

Donation Type

LED lighting in the NE corner of the park



Claim to Fame

New innovative LED lighting concept combines safety and artistic design

Project Overview

The northwest corner of Discovery Green is getting an LED makeover thanks to a $300,000 Sun Club grant. True to Discovery Green’s approach to the entire park, design and function are beautifully married in this installation which includes 70 lights strung through tree canopies and complimented by 12 on-ground projected lights.

Discovery Green’s mission to provide an uncommonly beautiful urban green space in the heart of Houston will be truer than ever after the completion of a $13.2 million Master Plan that includes this LED installation and additional upgrades to the park infrastructure.

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