The Difference Between Your Energy Provider & Utility Company

Did you know that there are multiple companies and services who work together to deliver electricity to homes and businesses?

The relationship between your local utility and your energy retailer of choice (that’s us!) can be confusing. Here’s how it works:

Your Energy Provider

Your energy company (called Retail Electric Providers, or, REPs) such as Green Mountain, sells electricity to you and handles customer service and billing. REPs also compete for your business by offering pricing options or added customer service benefits. When you sign up for an electricity plan with Green Mountain, you help us change the way power is made by supporting energy made from pollution-free, renewable resources like the wind and sun.

Your Utility Company

The actual delivery of electricity - the transmission and distribution of it - is provided by your local Transmission and Distribution Service Provider (TDSP). The TDSP is responsible for the delivery and measuring of electricity that flows through poles and wires and is consumed by your home or business.

Who to Contact & When

Making the switch to cleaner electricity doesn't mean sacrificing the reliable service you've received from your utility. Your local utility company will always read your meter, respond to power outages and provide other services related to the delivery of your electricity.

Though Green Mountain is your chosen provider, your utility company maintains the polls and wires.

So, if you experience delivery problems, (for example, if your power goes out) don’t be scared! Just give your utility a call.

Look up your local utility and their contact information here.

Questions about billing or electricity plans? That's us. Contact Green Mountain by giving us a call or sending a note.

Thanks for helping us change the way power is made!

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