Get to Know Green Mountain’s Brand Pillars

Green Mountain Energy started from grassroots beginnings in 1997. A lot has changed since then, but we’ve remained committed to our mission and core values over the years. Because we’re all about protecting the environment, sustainability is at the heart of who we are. Want to better understand why “Green” is our first name? Take a look at our brand pillars, also known as our identity. They serve as our compass and help guide all decisions at every level of our company.


Serving as a purpose-driven brand by keeping sustainability at the forefront.


Upholding our values while maintaining transparency with consumers, employees and stakeholders.


Creating a space where everyone can make greener choices in all areas of their lives.


Championing a 100% renewable energy future while partnering with communities to ignite positive change.

By upholding our brand pillars day in and day out, we’re on the path to fulfilling our mission of changing the way power is made.

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