Singularity Solar Energy

Project Details

Affordable Housing

Where: Denton, TX

Dedication Date: December 19, 2012

Donation Type: Solar Electric

Size: 3.4

Claim to Fame: Helped New Org Make Its First Solar Donations to Low-Income Households

Project Overview

Singularity Solar Energy was started in 2011 by a family who wanted to do more to help their community and promote solar energy. This non-profit donates solar energy systems to low-income households who struggle day-to-day just pay essential expenses, like their electricity bill. The Sun Club was proud to be the first major donor to Singularity when we donated $10,000 in April 2012. Working with Habitat for Humanity, Singularity used those funds to install arrays on the homes of two deserving families in north Texas, allowing them to save on their electricity bills each month for the next 25-30 years!