Quinta Mazatlan

Project Details

Nature Center

Where: McAllen, TX

Dedication Date: May 13, 2017

Donation Type: Solar power


Claim to Fame: Enriches people’s lives by sharing knowledge about birds, plants and environmental stewardship in South Texas

Project Overview

Quinta Mazatlan is helping to protect woodlands and green space while promoting birding and habitat conservation in the town of McAllen, Texas. The historical adobe mansion houses the Discovery Center, a LEED-certified educational space featuring a science laboratory, a patio and a natural playscape equipped with climbing logs and boulders.

Through a $25,000 donation from the Sun Club, Quinta Mazatlan will be able to utilize the power of the sun and offset its electricity costs with a 7.56 kilowatts solar installation.

The mansion with a mission is helping connect people to the history, beauty and wonder of our natural world.