New York Botanical Gardens

Project Details

Nature Center

Where: The Bronx, NY

Dedication Date: June 14, 2018

Donation Type: Solar-powered pavilion, education, and composting restroom facilities


Claim to Fame: The Sun Club’s first composting restroom facilities

Project Overview

The New York Botanical Gardens Edible Academy is a platform of education, hands-on activities, and programs that will help children, families, and teachers learn about growing and preparing vegetables, fruits, and herbs while encouraging a lifelong interest in gardening and healthful living. A $100,000 donation by the Green Mountain Energy Sun Club funded an 11 kW solar-powered pavilion, sustainability education for youth, and a composting restroom facility at the Edible Academy. Thanks to construction of a public composting restroom facility, the gardens will save water and decrease pollution output to New York City’s only fresh waterway.