Moody Gardens

Project Details

Wildlife Conservation

Where: Galveston, TX

Dedication Date: June 28, 2013

Donation Type: Solar-Powered Maintenance Carts & Trash/Recycling Stations

Size: 1 Cart, 3 Trash/Recycling Stations

Claim to Fame: Helping to Reduce Moody Garden's Landfill-Bound Trash by 75%!

Project Overview

The  Sun Club accelerated new recycling efforts at Moody Gardens with the donation of solar-powered recycling/trash compactor stations, and a solar-powered maintenance cart. The donation is contributing to the non-profit’s efforts to reduce its landfill-bound waste production by 75% by 2016.

“We’re excited to kick-start our new recycling program with the help of the Sun Club,” said Robert Callies, general manager, Moody Gardens. “It’s rare for Texans to look forward to the hot, sunny days of summer, but this year, Moody Gardens knows that all of that sunshine is making a difference for us, and for our planet. We’re grateful for the Sun Club’s generosity and the help of Green Mountain Energy in this new endeavor.”