Lacawac Sanctuary Foundation

Project Details

Nature Center

Where: Lake Ariel, PA

Dedication Date: June 27, 2023

Donation Type: Solar

Size: 8.28 kW

Claim to Fame: Thanks to a new educational center powered by 100% solar energy, the Foundation can now serve more than 4,000 additional students over the next 20 years.

Project Overview

Lacawac Sanctuary Foundation is a 550-acre nature preserve, biological field station, and environmental education center located in the Northern Pocono region of Pennsylvania. Since its inception in 1966, the Foundation’s mission has been to inspire lifelong connections to nature, and to shape the next generation of scientists and earth stewards through research, education and preservation.

Current educational programs guide students through a variety of learning, that prepares them to weigh the impacts of their own actions on the natural world and instills in them the importance of making impactful choices in the future.

A $43,000 Sun Club grant empowers the foundation to continue its sustainability journey by transforming an existing home to an educational center powered by 100% solar energy. The new educational center will be the central hub for annual summer camps beginning in 2023.