Kelly Center for Music

Project Details


Where: Havertown, PA

Dedication Date: October 13, 2018

Donation Type: Solar, rainwater capture, indoor living wall, refurbished performance stage


Claim to Fame: First Sun Club project to incorporate refurbishment of 100-year-old wood

Project Overview

The new Kelly Center for Music will be home to a variety of sustainability projects thanks to an $85,300 donation from Sun Club. The project incorporates renewable energy and resource conservation features, including roof-mounted solar that will power some interior lighting and audio features and a rainwater capture system that will provide gravity irrigation for an indoor living wall.  Sun Club will also sponsor recycling efforts at upcoming Kelly Music for Life outdoor events and festivals.

The performance stage will be built from the building’s original 100-year-old wood flooring.  Using reclaimed wood not only provides stronger building materials, but it reduces carbon emissions by eliminating the need to cut and transport materials and reduces waste in landfills.

The living wall, which is an indoor garden, will be fed by rainwater, natural light and fresh air from sliding windows on the new façade.  Skylights and glass block will increase natural lighting in the space. Heating and cooling efficiencies as well as sound insulation will be bolstered by the use of renewable and recycled content spray foam along with environmentally-friendly cellulose insulation which contains 85% recycled and shredded newspaper.