Gladys Porter Zoo

Project Details

Wildlife Conservation

Where: Brownsville, TX

Dedication Date: December 6, 2012

Donation Type: Solar Electric and Educational Display

Size: 16 kW

Claim to Fame: Powering New Educational Complex

Project Overview

The new education complex at the Gladys Porter Zoo now offers visitors real-time information on the importance of solar energy. That’s because the complex is partially powered by a solar array built with $130,000 donated by the Sun Club. This south Texas landmark has the mission to promote wildlife conservation and, naturally, protecting the environment is crucial to that cause. They see the inclusion of solar energy as a natural fit in their efforts to protect wildlife. The donation of a monitor relaying the array’s production and impact to visitors inside the building also helps highlight the system’s true impact. This is the fourth zoo in Texas to proudly claim to be solar powered thanks to the Sun Club!