Evelyn's Park

Project Details

Nature Center

Where: Bellaire, TX

Dedication Date: April 22, 2017

Donation Type: Solar power, rainwater capture, on-site composting

Size: 4,900 square feet of solar arrays, 20,000-gallon cistern, barrel-design composting tumblers

Claim to Fame: One of the most sustainable parks in the nation

Project Overview

Evelyn’s Park is set to become one of the most sustainable parks in the nation with a $313,500 grant from the Sun Club. By late 2018, the park is expected to achieve net zero energy status for day-to-day operations by utilizing 73 kilowatts of solar power. That means the park’s energy use for day-to-day operations is equal to the amount of renewable energy it creates on-site.

Adding to the park’s sustainability landscape will be a rainwater capture system, helping to mitigate 40% of the park’s overall water consumption, and several on-site tumbler composters, recycling fruit and carbohydrate-based food waste, coffee grounds and some compostable packaging from the on-site café.

By showcasing nature and conservation efforts across five acres of green space, the park will enrich the surrounding neighborhoods and help connect the local community to our planet.