Dallas Habitat for Humanity Office Building

Project Details

Affordable Housing

Where: Dallas, TX

Dedication Date: January 25, 2012

Donation Type: Solar Electric and Educational Display

Size: 47.52

Claim to Fame: First-ever Array on a Habitat for Humanity Office Building

Project Overview

Dallas Area Habitat for Humanity transforms neighborhoods by engaging families and community partners in creating affordable housing. Its vision is that all individuals and families live in thriving neighborhoods where hopes and dreams are realized for generations to come. A $140,000 Sun Club donation built a large array on the roof of their office building, saving the organization thousands of dollars a year for the next 25-30 years. These funds go right back into their mission of providing affordable housing for all.

“We are grateful to the Sun Club for providing this opportunity to make our office more energy efficient and reduce our environmental footprint,” remarked Bill Hall, CEO, Dallas Area Habitat.  “We are proud that the new homes we build are Energy Star Certified, LEED Certified and EPA Indoor Air Plus and thanks to the generosity of Green Mountain we are now able to apply some energy efficiency to our offices and enjoy some energy savings.”