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General questions about SolarSPARC solar energy plans

How do SolarSPARC plans work?

Where are SolarSPARC plans available?

Where does the solar power is SolarSPARC plans originate?

What are the differences between the SolarSPARC 100 and SolarSPARC 10 plans?

Reasons to choose SolarSPARC

How are SolarSPARC plans different from other solar energy plans?

Why should I sign up for a SolarSPARC plan?

Why is the SolarSPARC plan a great alternative to putting solar panels on my home?

More about the Green Mountain solar fund

How does the contribution to the Green Mountain solar fund work?

How does Green Mountain determine how the solar funds are used?

What solar projects has the Green Mountain solar fund supported in the past?

For current Green Mountain customers

I'm a Texas customer on the Renewable Rewards plan. Can I participate in SolarSPARC with a buyback plan?

Can I still contribute to the Sun Club program while enrolled on the SolarSPARC plan?

More about the credits

How much will I be credited each year?

Is there a cap on the annual credit?

What happens to my annual credit if I move?

What if I'm no longer a customer at the time the annual credit is awarded?